Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quest Scouts

We have been letterboxers since July 2003 and have made many friends through the hobby.  One of these friends (Desert Flower) posted about her "new obsession" on May 24, 2015.  She had recently discovered Quest Scouts, a scouting program for adults.  I read what she had to say and also went to the Quest Scouts web site (http://www.questscouts.com/)  to get more information.  It did indeed look fun, and I decided to get involved.  When I told my husband (aka Martini Man) about it, he also decided to give it a shot. The themes and activity categories looked interesting and we figured it would provide an impetus for more exploration outside of our normal routines. 

The Quest Scout program doesn't involve any troops or meetings, it is more like a personal quest to meet certain objectives in a variety of categories.  The founder of the company says: "Quest Scouts is a community of people collectively working to live our fullest lives through engaging with the world around us in new and interesting ways."

Points are awarded for completing activities and the objective is to get at least 1,000 points to complete each monthly quest.  I believe you typically have 5 months to complete each quest, so you can overlap by starting some activities for a new quest while still completing an earlier quest.

According to the web site, Quests are designed to help you:
  • Learn new things
  • Explore your creative side
  • Connect with interesting people
  • Discover more of the world around you
For more information, check out the web site and sign up for the weekly newsletter.

You may participate for free, posting your comments and photos on the Quest Scouts web site or various social media platforms.  If you give it a try and enjoy it, I would then encourage you to at least join as a Digital Member ($4.99/month)  to support the creative effort involved in creating the Quests and maintaining the site.  If you would enjoy actual physical badges of various types, as well as badge booklets and creative surprises, you can sign-up for Scout Pack Membership ($12.99 or $16.99/month depending on what type of badges you want to receive).  You can also purchase the Badge Book and badges separately.

This is a new start-up company, but I hope it gains a lot of support because it is a fun concept!

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